The Standard Dutch Blind

Standard Dutch canopy covered in acrylic canvas off white colour 
A Fastoon Baloon folding soffit

Economical Exterior Roller

An economical, heavy duty German System, exterior roller, manual drive,  covered in superior quality Acrylic Canvas. 
Dutch Canopies

Half Round Dutch Canopies covered in wetlook material. 
Spettmann Type Semi Cassette Exterior Roller

Spettmann Type Semi Cassette Exterior Roller ready made covered in 100% polyester 
Dutch Canopy covered in mixed colours canvas

A preety Dutch Canopy covred with different colours canvas for a bakery shop 
Covering of structure with Canvas

You cannot imagine the difference a canvas awning does for our heat level 
Standard Dutch Canopy

A standard Dutch canopy complete with an extra option of a  hanging curtain same material the canopy has been covered.
Walk way Tunnel Awning

Exterior Roller - Solitaire Model

Solitaire Model Exterior Roller Cassette, covered in bright orange Acrylic Canvas 
Exterior Roller

A black canvas exterior roller for Prosecco - Restaurant - Winebar 
Prosecco restaurant - wine bar in Bugibba

An exterior roller, non boxed covered in black Acrylic Canvas - sign writing hand painted 
Red shade over a front terrace

Red Canvas shade awning 

A standard Dutch canopy installed at Mater Dei Special School in Msida.
Covered in Green & Denim Canvas, superior quality material. 
Standard Dutch Canopy

A standard Dutch Canopy, provided also with sign writing 
Awning Cover for a steel structure

An awning cover in perforated material to go over a large steel structure . 
Standard Climbing Hinge

A standard climbing hinge canopy ( Step ) covered in Acrylic Canvas as signs as per request 
Steel structure awning

Steel Structure awning  custom make covered in the black classic acrylic canvas
Elliptical Dutch Canopy

An Elleptical shape Dutch canopy covered in a very classic red colour superior quality acylic canvas. 
Standard Climbing Hinge canopies

Standard climbing hinge canopies over a vegetable truck 
Awnings in Black for shops

Awnings covered in black acrylic 
Sail shade awning

Sail shade awnings to any color also can be made in perforated material 
Hanging clear plastic screens

Hanging clear plastic screens attached to a wooden pergola. 
A side of a standard Dutch Canopy

How a side of a standard Dutch canopy shows.
Covered in singleton stripes light blue & white canvas. 
Velum on rail system covered in white PVC

A velum on rail system covered in totally waterproof  white PVC 
Rollers in clear plastic

Rollers in clear plastic can be made with a manual overdrive or spring method 
Standard Dutch Canopy in Black

A standard Dutch Canopy covered in black canvas
Sign writing for same in imitation gold
opted a side curtain 
Dutch Canopy

A standard Dutch Canopy covered in Blue/white striped material Acrylic Canvas 
Stripy Canvas Awning over a steel structure

A beautiful stripy green color canvas awning over a steel structure 
Canvas cover over a walkaway tunnel steel structure

Cover in Acrylic Canvas over a steel structure 
Rita's Fish shop


A Velum on rail system covered in beige, superior quality material for Sailor's Pub - Bugibba 

Half Round awning with a wavey pelmet and Scruples sign on the first panel indicating the Pub's name 
velum with a stone color canvas

The semi cassettes exterior rollers 3 meters X 2.5 meters

The semi cassettes type of exterior roller just been installed in M'Scala.
Ready to collect from factory @ e'395.00 each only.
Should we install @ e' 450.00 each. 
covered in 100% polyester PU coated 
Party tents

We sell  party tents in different sizes
Party tents

Party tents are available for Sale

Sizes available;   6mtrs X  12mtrs

                             6mtrs  X  8mtrs


                             4mtrs  X  10mtrs

                             4mtrs  X   4mtrs

                             5 mtrs X 5 mtrs






A vario model is a typical exterior roller non boxed but with two hooks on one side as to be able to angle any side of when the sun hits on the sides.



Canvas cover over a wooden beam structure

sunshades / canopies

canopies   -  large variety of covers to compliment your colour scheme.

We also provide logoes and signwriting on shop canopies.

And also provide the after sales service - we do repair and maintain systems 



Eleptical Canopy

Half round Dutch canopy made elegantly and installed on top of a door for a hotel.
Covered in superior quality material for sun and rain protection. 
Walkaway Canopy

A walkaway type of canopy supported on two front poles  

 A hasira made out with grey acrylic canvas to suit the facade and avoiding the sun and rain from the door.
Hasira 's could be made with Acrylic Canvas, PVC and also perforated material. 
Dutch Blinds

Roller Cassettes for outside

Exterior Roller Screens

Exterior Roller Screens 
Velum Model

Red pergola velum

A velum on Rail system installed at Super Star Butcher 
party tents with curtains

All party tents are covered in white PVC

 Square back round front Canopies for Sea Breeze Restaurant B'Bugia 
A Standard Climbing Hinge Canopy

A Standard Dutch Climbing Hinge Canopy covered in white PVC 

Walkaway tunnel iron frame covered in Green & White Acrylic Canvas 

 All curtains on the Cunard countess were made out of Canvas.
 Zet Ltd has done all works on it that had anything to do with Canvas.
 Surrounded also by canvas screens.
 Old memories are nice memories but appreciate all works  done on it by Zet 


Canvas works done years ago for the ship  Cunard Countess Southampton when arrived in Malta for maintenance and re-furbishment.
Salvu Zet  was given all the order for all canvas works  including all curtains 
Canvas awning to go over wooden beams


We also do Hasira's but either in Canvas of PVC 

Another Dutch Canopy for Bouzouki Greek Restaurant covered in Canvas material and sign writing hand made with the Restaurant's name on it
Clear Plastic Roller Screens

Clear plastic roller screens  

Canopies covered in Acrylic Canvas and hand made sign writing IL-MITHNA


velum on rail system with a side curtain

4 velum's

4 velum's next to each other showing also the gutters on top.


Awning opened on a Truck

A commercial exterior roller non boxed with sponsors advertisement on the pelmet
The canopy is covered in white heavy duty PVC 

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