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Bases for large umbrellas

Heavy duty iron bases galvanised shot for large wooden umbrellas.
Deck Chair covers

We also do the recoverings of deckchairs , sunbeds, beech chairs in superior quality canvas. 
Mini wooden Umbrella

wooden umbrellas's parts

We fix the wooden umbrellas, and give a good service on them.
These are some parts for the large wooden umbrellas 
Spare parts for mini wooden umbrellas

The mini wooden umbrellas 1.5 meters X 1.5 meters are made at the factory and we can supply spare parts for fixings and repairing them 
Recoverings of items

we also do the recoverings of deckchairs - sunbeds in superior quality materials. 

wooden spokes from underneath the large wooden umbrellas made at the factory 
Umbrella Frame

How does a large wooden umbrella frame from the inside shows.
Wooden Umbrellas

Side pole large wooden umbrella

The side pole wooden umbrella covered in acrylic canvas sunbrella material operated with a manual winge 
made locally at the factory.
Heavy duty umbrella structure

Umbrella pole 58mm diameter

Ribs 35mm by 24mm

Covered with acryilic canvas in various colours

Structure sprayed in one coat basecoat and one coat topcoat with two pack spray


Bases for small umbrellas 

We can do the   9'   X  9'

                     10'   X  10'

                     11    X  11' 

Made at the factory. 


 We can cover them with a superior quality material, from the Sunbrella Range.


And also we do repairs and service. 





Concrete bases for large umbrellas

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