Half round Dutch Canopies & an exterior roller cassette

2 Half round Dutch canopies covered in superior quality material and an exterior roller manual drive, remote controlled + wind sensor to follow. 
Walkaway Awning

A walk away tunnel steel structure recovered with Acrylic Canvas. 
Standard Climbing Hinge ( Step) Canopy

Standard Climbing Hinge Dutch Canopy

Standard Climbing Hinge (step) canopy 
Awning covers

Awning covers to go over a steel structure frame.
Coverings in perforated material 
Standard Dutch Canopy in Black Canvas

Dutch Blind

Standard Dutch Canopy

Standard Dutch Canopy covered in Black Acrylic Canvas and sign writing for same 
A Fastoon Baloon

A manual folding soffit called Fastoon Baloon 
A Fastoon Baloon

A manual folding soffit called Fastoon Baloon 
Dutch Canopies

A half round Dutch canopy covered with outstanding wetlook material. 
Dutch Canopy covered with mix colours of canvas

A Dutch Canopy covered in mixed colour canvas for a bakery shop. 
Covering of structure in Canvas

Dutch canopy with an extra valance

A standard Dutch Canopy covered in stripey green and an extra valance drop of curtain to compliment the canopy 
Standard Dutch Canopy Step Model

A Standard Dutch Canopy Step Model frame covred in white PVC attached to a truck 
Dutch Canopy

A standard Dutch Canopy covered in Acrylic Canvas blue and white stripes. 
Awning cover

An awning cover in green & denim acrylic canvas going over a steel structure. 
The Standard Dutch Canopy

A standard Dutch canopy covered in offwhite acrylic canvas 
Steel structure awning

3 steel structure awnings custom make covered in the classic black acrylic canvas. 

Sunshades and also banners with sign writing 

 Elliptical shape sunshade  covered in a classy red colour over a door to a restaurant.
Standard Dutch Canopy

A standard Dutch Blind covered in classic black canvas & sign writing RoadHouse liquer  
Awnings in black

Awnings in black over an aluminium frame  
Sail shade awning

Can be made to any color of canvas and also in perforated material 
Hanging clear plastic screens

Hanging plastic screens to a wooden pergola 
The Standard Dutch Canopy

A standard Dutch canopy covered in singleton stripes light blue & white canvas. 
Velum on rail system covered in white PVC

A velum on rail system covered in 100% water proof white PVC .
Its use was to hang cloth underneath. 
Rollers with clear crystal plastic

Rollers in clear crystal plastic surrounded with a re enforcing pvc. 
Standard Dutch Blind in black

A standard Dutch Blind covered in black
Sign writing for same. 

Tunnel Awning covered in Acrylic Canvas - printing for same 

A hasira made out with grey Acrylic Canvas to suit the facade.
They can also be done with heavy duty PVC a totally water proof. 
Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings installed to a truck of selling products as per his sponsors
Recoverings of structures

Recoverings of structures - beams - and and type of frame with sun proof or water proof material
Canvas covers for beams

We do recover any structures in Canvas material, PVC, cotton canvas and also perforated fabric.


Beams recovered in Tigne Point 

Half Round Dutch Canopy




Half Round Dutch Canopy got recovered in white PVC and sign Restaurant on it.

Ready to be installed. 

A Standard Dutch Canopy Step Model

A Standard Dutch Canopy Step model attached to a truck. 
Sail shade in orange color

Sail shades can be done in any color with Acrylic canvas and also perforated material

A Standard Dutch Blind coverd in Acrylic Canvas brown color
Cassette Awning

Cassette awning type covered in superior quality acrylic canvas. 




A Vario Model is a typical exterior roller non boxed with two hooks on a side where it can angle any side when the sun hits sideways.

Pvc cover totally water proof.

PVC awning cover totally water proof to go over wooden beams top of a pool area. 
Party tents

Party tents are available for Sale of for Rent

Sizes available;  6mtr X  12mtr

                       6mtr  X  8mtr

                       6mtr  X  6mtr

                       4mtr  X  10mtr

                       4mtr  X   4mtr

These could be rented out with curtains or without curtains

Portomaso Awnings

Fixing of awnings for Portomaso Restaurant, covering in heavy duty PVC beige color material
Sail shade in purple color

Sail shades can be in Acrylic canvas with any color and also in perforated material 
Sunbed Coverings

We also do the recoverings of Sunbeds - Deckchairs in superior quality canvas 

Canopies at Il Veduta Restaurant - have just been recovered and sign writing for same - hand written. 

 A standard Dutch Canopy to go over a door covered in Green & Denim Acrylic Canvas. 
Semi Cassettes


How a semi cassette complete with yellow grey and white canvas shows from underneath.


How a truck tilt cover shows from the side and back.
Covered in heavy duty grey PVC. 

Cover over a truck in Grey PVC and how it shows from the side

Made to measure jobs as per sky light covers in superior quality material 
Standard Dutch Canopy


We also do Hasira's but either in Canvas or PVC 
Sun Protective Items

All Sun Protective Items made at the factory

Arkadia in Gozo surrounded by different shapes of canopies the half round Dutch Canopy and the standard Dutch Canopy.

Covered in beautiful Acrylic Canvas material. 


Folding arm system

Folding Arm System, exterior roller over a pool area in a farm house. 
Crystal clear plastic curtains

 Curtains with clear crystal plastic attached to a frame where it avoids people from getting wet while dining on outside.
Dutch Blinds for shops

Covered also in Acrylic Canvas Material or heavy duty PVC
Standard Dutch Blinds

shapes of canopies

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